Our Story

Our mission is to provide an unapologetically Black space for Black women to discuss the trials, tribulations, and joys of this non-traditional path to motherhood. There are several SMC social media groups and forums – some focused on trying to have a child and others on parenting those children. But after spending time in those spaces, we realized there was a need to have a safe space for us to discuss these issues through the intersectional lens of being Black SMCs.

As we walk through this non-traditional journey, we've noticed that Black voices are missing from the larger narrative surrounding Single Mothers by Choice. We created this space, and our podcast to diversify the community, be a resource for other Black women who are considering this as an option and have already become SMCs.

What is an SMC?
SMC stands for Single Mother by Choice. While the actual definition is somewhat hotly contested, we define SMC as someone who decides to become a mother, knowing that they will be the sole parent and financial provider of their child – at least at the onset. 

We are two Black Single Mothers who made the choice to have and raise  children on our own. 

Meet Hera

Hera is a proud, Single Black Mother by Choice to two beautiful and sassy little girls, ages 2 and 7. In addition to being a leader in the technical industry, she’s an author, public speaker, and civil rights activist. She advocates for children and women’s rights. She also loves fitness, reading, and traveling with her kids. 

Learn more about Hera: www.heramcleod.com

Email: hera@mochasmc.com

Meet Aisha

Aisha is a Single Mother by Choice of two wonderful little girls ages 6 and 1.5 years old. Aisha is a technical instructor and project manager by profession. She brings a wealth of experience for moms at the early stages of trying, as she’s experienced both an easy conception and one that was more challenging. She explains how her journey humbled her, stretching the bounds of her love and faith.

Email: aisha@mochasmc.com