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Today is National Single Parent day.  While we are single parents every day, many don’t know there’s a day recognizing single parents – we certainly didn’t. So, we’re choosing to use this day to reflect on why we built this platform and how we got here. We created our podcast, and the accompanying virtual platform, […]

Happy National Single Parent Day

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Episode One: What is a Single Mother by Choice? With each episode of the podcast, we are going to share links to helpful resources and sources that we quote for data. These resources help us ground our discussions, but we also want them to be available to our listeners to refer to as needed. Episode […]

What is a Single Mother by Choice

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Episode Two: “Baby Making” – Path to Conception So you decided you want to do this – make a baby on your own – and you want to go the path of a donor with the assistance of a medical professional. In this episode, we discuss the differences between IUI vs. IVF to include success […]

Strong – The Micro Aggression

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